Nurturing Champions since 1998


Applied Nutrition Sciences, Sigma House, 43’ South Wadala, RA Kidwai Road, Mumbai-400031

ANS is committed to quality and manufactures its products under stringent, pharma-grade quality-control standards.

Supported by an in-house chemical and microbiological laboratory, statistical analysis of results, processes and formulations are conducted to ensure that strict testing and quality standards are maintained at each step of the manufacturing process.

Each of ANS’ products bears a seal of Quality Assurance on the Label and we ensure that consumers receive products of highest quality, potency and purity.

Each of ANS’ products is sealed with tamper-proof tape. When the tape is removed “Void” symbols appear on the box to let the consumer know if the product has been opened before.

ANS promotes a Drug-free sport and actively campaigns against the use of drugs and illegal substances in sports and competitions. It ensures that its products do not contain harmful substances banned by the International Olympic Committee around the world and in India.

ANS products are routinely selected and used by various reputed sports bodies and federations throughout the country with Faith and Confidence. Athletes and Sports persons representing the country in National and International events have been receiving ANS products from concerned authorities in “National Camps “since 2002 and ANS was the official Nutrition Partners of “Mr. Universe” conducted in Mumbai in 2003.


All Quality Checks

  1. Assay
    • By HPLCb.
    • By titration (or potentiometrically)
  2. Microbial Limit Test (MLT)
    • E.coli
    • Salmonella
    • Coliform
    • Pseudomonas
  3. Total bacterial count
  4. Yeast & Moulds
  5. Solubility
  6. pH
  7. Arsenic
  8. Heavy metal & limit test
  9. Identification tests
    • By IR
    • By TLC
    • By ChemicalsIdentification tests
  10. Residue on ignition
  11. Loss on drying
  12. Particle size
  13. Moisture content
  14. Specific optical rotation
  15. Bulk density & Tap density
  16. Dye Content (for colors)
  17. Protein content by determination of nitrogen
  18. Uniformity test forvarious contents
  19. Test for Vitamins
    • Vit. A
    • Vit. E
    • Vit. C
  20. Total carbohydrates
  21. Glucose &Inverted sugar
  22. Fat content
  23. Sulphated Ash
  24. Chloride Test
  25. Insoluble matter