ANS ,pioneers in dietary supplements, revolutionized the industry in India. Since 1998, we have set a benchmark for quality and excellence, unchallenged by any other brand. #hargrammepurity


Applied Nutrition Sciences, Sigma House, 43’ South Wadala, RA Kidwai Road, Mumbai-400031

Welcome to Applied Nutrition Sciences (ANS): Pioneering Excellence Since 1998

Since its inception in 1998, Applied Nutrition Sciences (ANS) has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the dietary supplement industry in India. As the pioneer in manufacturing and marketing quality dietary supplements of pharmaceutical grade, ANS has set a benchmark for excellence that remains unchallenged.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Our journey began with a vision to provide athletes, sports persons, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts with meticulously crafted dietary supplements that meet international standards of quality and efficacy. ANS is proud to be the first Indian company to introduce pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplements, elevating the health and performance of individuals across the nation.

Precision and Research in Every Formulation

At ANS, every product is a result of careful research, meticulous formulation, and a dedication to harnessing the power of science for tangible results. Our team of experts collaborates on each formulation, ensuring that it meets the unique demands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Our affordable offerings are designed to be accessible to all while upholding the highest standards of effectiveness.

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Our commitment to excellence is fortified by our partnership with Sigma Laboratories, a distinguished pharmaceutical company with a heritage spanning 75 years. With an unwavering reputation for producing pharmaceuticals of unparalleled quality, Sigma Laboratories provides the backbone of expertise that propels ANS to deliver exceptional products.

Pharmaceutical Grade Quality:

ANS stands as a testament to excellence with its commitment to manufacturing pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplements, assuring you of the highest quality and purity.

Setting the Gold Standard

ANS is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to excellence that spans over two decades. Our pioneering spirit, combined with Sigma Laboratories’ legacy, has allowed us to set the gold standard for dietary supplements in India. From rigorous research to stringent testing, every step of our process reflects our unyielding dedication to your well-being.

Experience ANS: Elevate Your Potential

As we continue our journey of innovation and quality, we invite you to experience the difference that Applied Nutrition Sciences (ANS) brings to your fitness and performance goals. Join us in redefining what’s possible as we empower you to elevate your potential, one exceptional supplement at a time.

Welcome to Applied Nutrition Sciences – where Legacy, Innovation, Quality and Results converge