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CARBO 8000 Plus – Scientifically Advanced Endurance Drink Mix


Fuel your endurance and optimize your performance with CARBO 8000 Plus – a specially designed, scientifically advanced endurance drink mix. This powerful formula is tailored to support your nutritional and training program, fulfilling the following essential requirements:
Maximizing muscle glycogen stores for sustained energy.
Reducing muscle soreness and damage.
Delaying the onset of fatigue.
Ideal for effective carbo-loading.
CARBO 8000 Plus boasts a precise blend of energy-giving carbohydrates that efficiently release energy to working muscles. Enriched with a highly bio-available protein blend, perfectly balanced with BCAAs, this formulation maximizes the rate of glycogen synthesis. Additionally, L-Glutamine, antioxidant vitamins, and minerals in CARBO 8000 Plus limit oxidative stress and muscle damage, ensuring optimal performance.

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Directions for Use: Add 1 scoop (50g scoop) of CARBO 8000 Plus to 100ml of water or milk. Take once or twice a day as per your requirement. Do not exceed the recommended daily usage.

Purpose: CARBO 8000 Plus is designed for athletes participating in high-endurance sports, providing the essential support needed for peak performance.


  • Helps maximize glycogen synthesis, rapidly restoring depleted muscle glycogen levels.
  • Delays the onset of fatigue, promoting endurance during prolonged activities.
  • Ideal for effective carbo-loading to enhance performance.
  • Restores flagging energy and optimizes muscle endurance, enabling you to go the distance.
  • Designed for Endurance Athletes


  • Take CARBO 8000 Plus 1-2 hours before training to fuel muscles and enhance performance.
  • Consume it post-training to replenish glycogen stores and support recovery.

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